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Help Us Build Together


There are plenty of ways to be able to support Building Together and our quest to build for communities and organisations in the UK. From donations, to volunteering, to sharing on social media, every little helps spread the word and introduce us to potential more customers and clients that could do with our help!




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First thing’s first:

Get Your Hands Dirty


The best way to support Building Together is to attend one of our workshops or volunteer on one of our projects. The biggest support we have is from our clients, communities and consultants who work hard to help us achieve our goals.

It’s rewarding work, and we provide lunch and refreshments. You contribute not only to Building Together but to whichever community the project happens to be in. If it’s your local community - even better! You are sure to see the benefits within the community and knock on effects.



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Have You Heard of?


If you know a community group or organisation that might need a building or structure, let them know we exist. Suggest they get in touch, or make the connection for us.

The best form of recommendation is through word of mouth - and we have a few excellent allies out there already! We are always open to meeting new people, even if we might not be the best fit or solution we do our best to point you in the right direction. This is an alternative approach to delivering buildings, and one that won’t suit everyone.


You Can Donate:

Make a Change


Building Together can accept donations, however as a limited company we are taxed on these. This being said any and all of the money we can use will be spent on volunteers, materials, tools and making new projects viable.

As a Community Interest Company any surplus money we make will be used for promoting and developing the connection between communities and their immediate environment while encouraging awareness, respect and protection of the wider natural environment.