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Building the


Projects we take on vary; in size, complexity and location. We actively look for projects to get involved with that contribute to making the community a better place. Be it a potting shed, or a refurbishment of historical building, we have the expertise on hand to turn your project into a reality.



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Small Projects:




Small projects can be anything from a sculptural bench, to a public enclosed shelter to some children’s playground structures. Small projects can vary in budget, and usually incorporate recycled and reclaimed materials. These are predominantly created through volunteer labour but if budget allows can also incorporate a series of workshops and courses aimed at specific group types and involving the local community.

These small projects need to adhere to local planning guidelines, and usually involve tight deadlines and efficient construction.



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Medium Sized Projects:




Medium sized projects can vary in complexity anywhere from a series of heated beach huts, to an insulated and serviced cabin, roundhouse or studio up to 30sqm. Medium sized projects tend to be more complex but not necessarily larger footprints than the small projects.

They have a healthy budget for providing basic comforts and are usually wind and weather tight buildings. We can finish buildings to a high specification internally, or leave that for the clients to finish themselves or hire further trades to complete the project.

Medium sized projects will always require consultation with Planning Departments and the local authorities as well as adhere to local and project specific building regulations and guidelines. The timescales involved are usually longer than the smaller projects particularly with pre-construction stages.

Medium sized projects can be run with a series of short courses, volunteer labour and workshops, with the potential to run internships if appropriate.



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Large Projects:




There is no upper limit on the size and scale of a project, each is assessed for its individual viability. Some large projects might be best to be collaborated on, with either a large architects practice, a main contractor or an educational establishment. We work with the client, community and our network of contacts to ensure that the clients needs are met in a way that honours their aspirations, requirements and budget.

When working on larger projects environmental design is key. Building Together has certain values and criteria it has to meet, and if the project does not meet them we will have to decline to work on it further. For larger projects, the project must aspire to be an educational, environmentally nurturing beacon of sustainable construction, and for those that occupy it to adhere to the values that brought it to life. We believe heavily in working with nature to create buildings that are healthy, comfortable and inspiring to be in.

Our Directors have a record of strong design principles and a portfolio of buildings that push the boundaries of building design. They work with authorities, specifiers, trades and consultants to ensure the design value is not lost in the construction. They use the construction of each building as an opportunity to provide further training and education to architects, trades and consultants of ecologically nurturing building materials and construction methods.


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If you have a potential project you’d like to discuss, please get in touch by filling out the project form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We work across Scotland, England and Wales, with offices based in the South West of Scotland and in Lincolnshire in the North East of England.

We are still in the first few months, so don’t have any finished projects to show you yet. You can follow us on social media to see what we are working on in the meantime!