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Benefit from:



Our clients benefit from our design and build services as they gain a structure or building that has been carefully considered to meet their needs, and delivered through a method that involves them at every step.

They have the opportunity to learn through participating, and being a part of the process. This is different from conventional design and build services, as they do not heavily involve the end users in the process of both designing and building.



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Increase your:

to Nature


The communities we work with benefit from enhancing, enriching and encouraging their connection to nature, while reducing consumerism, waste and fossil fuel based products.

The immediate communities benefit from the extensive environmental benefits of a healthy, natural and breathable building and internal environment, while the wider community will benefit from the knock-on effects of promoting sustainable lifestyles, ecological solutions to the immediate context and site wide sustainable solutions.



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Learn and practice:

New Skills


Communities benefit from hands on training to develop their basic skills, raise their confidence, work within a team, enhance their understanding of nature and the environment and the building of structures. Longer term internships can provide skills that help individuals to achieve their potential, increase employment opportunities and to enhance skill levels within their community.

We aim to benefit the community by supporting and empowering those involved in the project including in particular children, young adults, women and any member of the wider community that is hard to reach. We aim to develop programmes to increase awareness of ecological design and architectural building strategies for the wider community.

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